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Jimi lot technology website is on line


Huizhou Jomi IOT Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, which is a outstanding company in transition to inherited the original company all the technical resources, is a senior communication electronic product design provider. More than ten years to provide professional technical support and products including solutions for many leading companies in telecommunication industry, with excellent products and perfect service industry leading position. The company has experienced technical experts, has excellent professional ability and excellent service quality. Well versed in technol-ogy research, industry operating experience, specializing in the field of electronic communication scheme and provide project management.

Our company belong to Jimi Group,which has always been in a stable and rapid development,have branch companies in Shenzhen,Huizhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guizhou. Jimi own 3 factories. Locating at Huizhou city and Zunyi city, including SMT and assemble line,monthly output can reach 2.5KK. Inside, Jimi IOT mainly engaged in 2G/3G/4G wireless data t-ransmission module and its application to network solutions; Android intelligent module and application solutions; GPS/BeiDou wireless positioning module and product; DECT digital cordless technology application solution; Fixed wireless phone; Senior mobile with location tracking; Security & Smart Home product, etc.