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GPRS: 171.2kbps  WCDMA: DL 7.2Mbps/UL 384kbps



Processor sprd SC7701B, basic frequency 460.8MHz

3V SIM card and 1.8V SIM card

Memory: LPDDR1:512Mb/Nandflash:1Gb

USB2.0 interface, SD interface, UART interface, SPI interface, I2C interface, GPIO interface

Maximum power consumption: ≤2W

Voltage: 3.8V

Peak current ≤2A 

Average current ≤500mA 

Average current(No business) ≤80mA  

Standby current ≤5mA

Package type: Stamp hole package(100 Pin), extra 8 GND Pin at the bottom 

Working temperature: -30℃ to +70℃

Storage temperature: -45℃ to +85℃

Support short messages

Conform to FCC,PTCRB and WHQL certification requirements

Support online upgrade

M770D dimension: 29mm * 29mm * 3mm