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Quad-band: GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900

Support general PPP connection PAP (password authentication protocol) protocol

Embedded TCP/IP protocol ( to achieve TCP via AT commands, UDP transparent transmission)

AT command control(GSM07.10)

Support 1 IIC interface

Built in FM/BT

Supports standard T-F card interface; USB1.1 protocol specification

Maximum 30 general GPIO port; maximum 8 external interrupt input

SPI serial port, able to drive LCD and other peripherals

Supports 5 LDO output and two peripheral driver

Support up to 5 x 5 key matrix, can support QWERTY full keyboard

Supports dual SIM card interface, Automatic matching (3V/1.8V ) SIM card

Support RTC

Supports two MIC differential input, one Receiver differential output,one K class amplifier output

Supports 2 groups of UART port; Transmission rate can be set and the maximum is 921600 kbps

Support 2 PWM interface

Built-in lithium battery charging management functions

Working temperature: -30 ~ 75 ℃

Storage temperature:  -55 ~ 125 ℃

Power supply range: 3.4 ~ 4.2 V

Power consumption: Shutdown mode < 100uA; sleep mode < 3mA

Dimension: 23×37.3×3mm [±0.2](mm)