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China will shoot nearly 30 Beidou satellites, and the Chinese will enjoy it


[global network reported on May 24th military Global Times correspondent in Shanghai Liu Yang] in May 23rd, with "positioning, the interconnection of all things" as the theme of the eighth session of the China satellite navigation academic annual meeting held in Shanghai, will be published on the detailed and thorough "Beidou navigation system global distribution network plan and schedule. According to the Global Times reporter, in addition to beginning to build a global compass constellation in space, China is still on the ground to build a Beidou ground augmentation system that can greatly enhance the navigation performance. With the two big nets weaving, Beidou navigation accuracy will be greatly improved, the future of Chinese people in China's territory to enjoy centimeter level navigation service is no longer a dream.

This is the Beidou navigation satellite global survey marks the beginning of the year, the outside world is very concerned about to launch a new generation Beidou satellite navigation system Beidou No. three. According to the planned launch of China announced at the annual meeting, from this year to 2020 these 4 years, Chinese will take nearly 30 kinds of Beidou satellites into orbit, and to provide users with a high level of global navigation service.

Chinese committee chairman Wang Li said the satellite navigation system, the Beidou system has provided space information services for users in the Asia Pacific region is stable and reliable, stable operation in orbit 15 satellites, 5 satellites of a new generation Beidou satellite in orbit has completed commissioning, will enter the. On this basis, 6-8 satellites will be launched this year, and more than 20 satellites will be launched in 2018-2020 years.

Chinese satellite navigation system management office director Ran Chengqi will be a detailed list of the Beidou satellite launch schedule report in 2017: plans to launch 6-8 Beidou MEO satellite launched in 2018 three; about 10 Beidou No. three MEO satellite and 1 Beidou satellite GEO No. three; 2019 -2020, launched 6 Beidou MEO No. three, No. three, 3 Beidou satellite and IGSO satellite Beidou satellite No. three GEO 2. Satellite Beidou satellite navigation system system engineer Yang Hui told the "Global Times" reporter, this year the launch will take a series of stone binary mode, so as to improve the efficiency of satellite network.

In addition to the construction of the sky, China is still on the ground to build a Beidou augmented system network. According to Ran Chengqi introduction, China has completed the first stage system foundation to enhance the Beidou (150 frame network base station 1200, strengthening network base station density, comprehensive national data processing center, 6 industry data processing center) construction tasks. 2018 will complete the foundation to enhance the Beidou System Construction in second phases, of the meter level, covering the main areas of decimeter level positioning accuracy, as well as the encryption coverage cm level and postprocessing mm level correction pilot hair.

Set in the position of Chihiro corporate foundation to enhance the Beidou system construction tasks on the big screen, "Global Times" reporter saw a marked with different color dots China map, some areas of foundation to enhance the intensive degree system is likely to make people feel shocked trypophobia. According to the on-site staff, the green dots in the figure represent the 150 fiducial stations of the frame network, and the blue dots represent the 1200 strengthening density network base stations. It is understood that the current location can provide a variety of navigation and positioning services to meet the needs of the service. The "single step" (real time meter level positioning service) covering an area of 11 million 600 thousand square kilometers, to achieve national coverage, and the extension to parts of the sea; "inch" (real-time positioning service) can serve the autopilot, the UAV autonomous flight and robots in the future, the coverage area is 2 million 600 thousand square kilometers. Today, the areas providing centimeter level services are mainly concentrated in economically developed areas, such as the Southeast coast. "Micro view" provides the static resolution of the millimeter range, which can be used in the monitoring of geological landslide, monitoring of dilapidated buildings and settlement monitoring of high-speed railway subgrade.

"Global Times" reporter from this electronic map to see, at present the southeast coastal area foundation reinforcement facilities construction density is much higher than other areas. The staff said that they plan to carry out centimeter level coverage in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guangxi and Xinjiang this year, and then gradually reach the national centimeter level coverage.

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