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Let dream fly, make higher achievements.


The company annual meeting of Huizhou JIMI IOT Technology Co., Ltd was held successfully at Kempinski hotel in 2ndFeb, 2018.

Huizhou Jimi IOT, established in 2001, is a professional end-to-end solutions provider of wireless communication products with excellent professional competence and superb service, specializing in technical research, solutions providing and project management.


Unforgettable 2017 was gone, anticipative 2018 is coming. Looking back on the past, 3 presidents appreciated the ideal achievements made by all the staffs in 2017 and showed their confidence and expectation in the enterprise development in 2018 on the annual meeting.


Moreover, thanks to some hardworking and talented employees, amazing and passionate performances were brought to all the leaders, distinguished guest and staffs.


This was a festive feast, not only showing the positivity and harmonious and friendly relationship of all staffs, but also the expectation and ambition of making higher achievements.